DAY 1 - Friday, 25 October 2019

  Welcome and Introduction to EndoBridge 2019  
  Modern way to visualise pituitary tumors - Mark Gurnell  
  What is new in the diagnosis and management of acromegaly? - Sebastian Neggers  
  Treatment of Cushing disease when surgery fails: Individualized case-based approach - Misa Pfeifer  
  Radiotherapy for pituitary tumors - Michael Brada  
  Over or undertreatment of adrenal insufficiency: current and emerging aspects -Eystein Husebye  
  Differential diagnosis, investigation and therapy of bilateral adrenal incidentalomas - Gary Hammer  
  Testosterone therapy in men with hypogonadism - Dimitrios Goulis  
  Hirsutism: Practical approaches to diagnosis and treatment - Alessandra Gambineri  

DAY 2 - Saturday, 26 October 2019

  Autoimmune thyroid disease - mechanistic update - Monica Marazuela  
  Immune check-point inhibitors and endocrine dysfunction - Frederic Castinetti  
  An Update on Gestational Diabetes - Marianne Andersen  
  Inpatient management of hyperglycemia - Priyathama Vellanki  
  SGLT inhibitors and GLP Receptor Agonists: Role in altering natural history of diabetic complications - Kathleen Wyne  

DAY 3 - Sunday, 27 October 2019

  Central mechanisms in control of body weight and their implications for obesity treatment - Uberto Pagotto  
  NASH: Is there a treatment? - Stergios Polyzos  
  How low should LDL be according to guidelines? - Connie Newman  
  Update on hypoparathyroidism - Heide Siggelkow  
  Vitamin D an 2019 update - Jens Bollerslev  
  Osteoporosis in relation to pregnancy and lactation - Barbara Obermayer-Pietsch  
  New modalities in the management of osteoporosis - Joy Wu  
  Closing comments and adjourn