DAY 1 – Friday, 26 October 2018

  Welcome and Introduction to EndoBridge 2018  
  Difficult cases with anterior pituitary tumors: Beyond the guidelines - Jens Otto Jorgensen  
  Radiological examination of the sellar region - Jean-François Bonneville  
  Evaluation and management of hypophysitis - Niki Karavitaki  
  Fluid and electrolyte balance following pituitary surgery - Alper Gürlek  
  Polycystic ovary syndrome throughout a woman's life - Ricardo Azziz  
  Consequences of steroid abuse for exercise training- How to approach? - Richard Auchus  
  Sequencing of treatments for neuroendocrine tumors - Wouter de Herder  

DAY 2 – Saturday, 27 October 2018

  On the road from insulin resistance, prediabetes and diabetes-when do we initiate treatment?
Oğuzhan Deyneli
  Guidelines in type 2 diabetes - Do they all agree? - Harald Sourij  
  What is new in insulin therapy of diabetes? - Tzvetalina Tankova  
  Diabetes therapies and heart failure - Dale Abel  
  Perplexing thyroid function tests - Robin Peeters  
  How do we approach thyroid disorders during pregnancy? - Elizabeth Pearce  
  Approach to thyroid nodules - Susan Mandel  
  Thyroid microcarcinomas - to treat or not to treat? - Laura Fugazzola  

DAY 3 – Sunday, 28 October 2018

  We are all becoming obese – Do we know why? - Dilek Yazıcı  
  Ghrelin and human evolution - AJ Van der Lely  
  Management of dyslipidemia - beyond statins - Edita Stokic  
  Diabetes and bone - Zhanna Belaya  
  Drugs and bone - Stefano Frara  
  FGF23 - An update in pathophysiology and new treatments - Diana Ovejero