DAY 1 – Friday 16 October 2015

  Opening Video  
  Welcome and Introduction to EndoBridge 2015  
  Diagnosis and management of acromegaly – Jens Bollerslev  
  Medical therapies for atypical pitutary adenomas and pituitary carcinomas – Pia Burman  
  Hyponatremia after neurosurgical intervention – Joseph Verbalis  
  Contemporary evaluation and management of thyroid nodules – Enrico Papini  
  Thyroid function and pregnancy – Elizabeth Pearce  
  Diagnostic and therapeutic implications of nuclear medicine in thyroid disorders – Romana Netea Maier  
  Targeted therapies in thyroid cancer – Joshua Klopper  

DAY 2 – Saturday 17 October 2015

  Beta -cell loss in diabetes: mechanisms and strategies for prevention and treatment– Riccarda Granata  
  Management of hyperglycemia in type 2 diabetes: A 2015 update – Jane Reusch  
  Ambulatory glucose monitoring to optimize clinical decision making in diabetes – Irl Hirsch  
  Current controversies in gestational diabetes – Bόlent Okan Yύldύz  
  Polycystic ovary syndrome: Clinical presentation and management strategies – Djuro Macut  
  Current trends in male infertility – Dimitrios G. Goulis  

DAY 3 – Sunday 18 October 2015

  Maternal nutrition and epigenetics – Aslύ Akyol  
  Lifestyle and cardiometabolic risk: Clinical implications – Luc van Gaal  
  Medical management of obesity: Anything new? – Volkan Yumuk  
  Statin use in dyslipidemia: From patient selection to targets – Cumali Gφkηe  
  Secondary osteoporosis – Andrea Giustina  
  Personalized approach to patients with osteoporosis after long-term bisphoshonate therapy – Lars Rejnmark  
  Hypoparathyroidism – Dolores Shoback